• Get your story going.





    Finding great stories to share.

    Having been responsible for the production and distribution of
    award-winning Dutch and international films, Sebastian has 10 years
    of experience and a keen eye for the right content for the right audience.





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    Find the right story.


    Help with the development of your story
    or script in different genres and formats. Based on proven storytelling techniques and best-practices from reading and producing hundreds of scripts.

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    Get your film out there.


    Assistance in financing, deal-making and the paperwork of your project, based on years of experience with different kinds
    of film deals. Improve the marketing
    and promotion of your film.







    Distribution of 180 films grossing € 130 million including The Wolf of Wall Street and production of 30 Dutch films like Gooische Vrouwen with Talpa.

  • About

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    Sebastian Korteweg

    Sebastian Korteweg is a Dutch producer and worked on 32 feature films with leading filmmakers at Warner Bros. and RTL. From award winning box-office hits, to arthouse, documentaries and international titles. As head of business affairs and programming he distributed 180+ titles incl. The Wolf of Wall Street. He acquired and curated films for the no. 1 Dutch VOD platform Videoland and developed new TV series. Afterwards he worked for Penguin Random House to sell book-to screen rights and create a new video platform.


    He is currently based in Barcelona and Los Angeles where he is producing indie films The Cage at Living Library Films and Who Am I?